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From their beginning in March 2009 with the first 30 Seat Restaurant in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. With Chef Mak Kwai Pui's (previous 3 star @ Lung King Heen) & Chef Leung Fai Keung both committed to only fresh quality ingredients for their hole-in-the-wall outlet. The team won the hearts initially of locals.


Tim Ho Wan secured it's first Michelin Star in its first year; being awarded in 2010. Setting the Restaurant industry abuzz as the most affordable Michelin Starred restaurant in the world. With foodies from around the world all contributing to the queues that Tim Ho Wan are famous for. Tim Ho Wan translated "Add good luck"  and with a desire to bring quality Michelin star food to the masses, has grown to over 20 outlets in 9 countries.



We were invited to a meeting in Oct 2014 regarding a Dim Sum restaurant that was planning to open early in the new year. 


Upon meeting the client Vincent Howe we found this to be more than just a simple dim sum restaurant. As Vincent took us through some images of the outlets in Singapore and the queues they were huge. 


We worked with the Tim Ho Wan to Australianize their already proven kitchen model. We worked with their Singapore based team to deliver a design that achieved the fast-paced cook fresh product to meet our AS 4674 standards. 


We have since the initial outlet opening in Chatswood been working closely with Vincent and his team on 3 more outlets. Honing our design and break neck manufacture / delivery on every project,


Its been great to work with a team that believes so strongly in the product they deliver and we look forward to galvanizing our relationship with Tim Ho Wan into the future.

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